Who Offers Septic Tank Inspections in Centreville, AL and All Surrounding Counties?

Call on Bibb Septic LLC to inspect the septic system before you buy a home

You may have found the perfect house in Centreville, AL, or in any of the surrounding counties, but you shouldn’t close the deal just yet. Before you make a final decision, you should assess the condition of the property’s septic tank.

That’s where we come in. Bibb Septic LLC performs septic tank inspections for property buyers and real estate agents, to provide a more informed look at your potential investment.

Contact us at 205-926-4491 to schedule a septic tank inspection.

What to expect when we’re inspecting

You can count on Bibb Septic to take a good look at your septic system before you make a deal on that perfect new home. During the tank inspection, we can assess:

  • The location of the tank
  • Leaks and tank corrosion
  • Potential problems with the fill line
  • Whether the tank is overfull
  • Roots that may have infiltrated the tank
  • The viscosity of the sludge in the tank

Rely on Bibb Septic to complete an inspection of your septic tank.