Your Septic Tank Is Due for a Cleaning

Call Tuscaloosa & Centreville, AL septic contractors for septic tank cleaning service

It’s been three years since your last septic tank cleaning, and now it’s time to schedule another one. Bibb Septic LLC of Tuscaloosa & Centreville, AL and surrounding counties is the contractor for the job. We offer septic tank cleaning at affordable prices with no hidden fees.

Contact us at 205-926-4491 to schedule a time for cleaning your septic tank.

Our 4-step septic cleaning service

Our 4-step septic cleaning service

Every three or five years, the sludge in your septic tank must be pumped out. While having a professional septic cleaning done is an opportune time to assess the condition of your septic tank. Here’s what you can expect from us when we stop by for a cleaning. We’ll:

  1. Locate and uncover your septic tank
  2. Stir the tank with a crust buster and vacuum it out
  3. Clean the filter
  4. Look over the system for any issues

Call on Bibb Septic to clean your septic tank and grease traps.