"Schedule Grease Trap Pumping" Popping on Your Calendar but Don't Know Who To Call?

Trust the pros at Bibb Septic LLC to do the dirty work

Grease trap pumping is an important part of waste management for restaurants and other commercial establishments. We will schedule an appointment every one to three months. This routine service will pump out all the residue to keep your tank clean and free from blockage. At Bibb Septic LLC, we will never just "skim" your grease trap. We will pump your grease trap thoroughly to prevent back up and overflow.

We have the skill, knowledge, and equipment to quickly and effectively pump your grease trap. Not only will be leave your trap clean and sanitary, having it pumped properly will prevent costly fines.

Call us today to schedule your grease trap pumping and cleaning in McCalla, Centreville or Tuscaloosa, AL!